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American Pie

American Pie Antiques had been around for many years and started to successfully offer Jason's furniture line.  Since his furniture became very popular with American Pie customers, both Jason and his wife Lee saw a great business opportunity with this store and its wonderful Waynesville, Ohio location. So, Jason Thomas and Lee Mershad Thomas officially took ownership of the store in November 2016.

Currently, the American Pie store carries artisan home decor items/ gifts,  "upcycled" and re-purposed pieces for your home, and showcases Jason Thomas Designs furniture line. Jason and Lee's mission is to provide their customers with handcrafted, unique,high quality items that will last in their homes for future generations.

43 S. Main Street | Waynesville, OH 45068
Store: (513) 897- 7437
Custom Orders: Call Jason Thomas (937) 371-5505

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 4pm; Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday 12pm - 4pm